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Modular Space Corporation (previously Resun) will continue running Slingshot systems after it acquired a portion of one of Slingshot's existing and valued clients.  Agreement was reached on May 31st. 2007 that Slingshot systems would be transitioned to Modular Space Corporation to continue managing mobile warehouse assets within the 80 business units purchased.

Slingshot is pleased to announce the launch of its new web site.  The appearance, content and functionality of the site have all been overhauled, ensuring it accurately reflects our current products is optimized to support the web-based marketing activities that are being launched concurrently.

Slingshot today announced that version 9.0 of its eCity application sutite is ready for transmission to all existing clients.  A summary of new functionality follows:

The Measures Home Page “Dashboard”:  A new “Measures Home Page” has been applied to all eCity applications, providing a single page view of your most important indicators of performance.