A New Approach to ERP Software Ownership

Slingshot's ERP software suite provides for: sales order management, procurement control, inventory control and planning, financial management and system integration controls.

Slingshot's innovative approach to software development empowers you and your team to extend the capabilities of your systems, without programming. This unique approach to system development:

  • Lowers your dependence on an external vendor
  • Future proofs your ERP software as it can be scaled as your requirements change
  • Enables rapid development and deployment of high quality, automatically generated code
  • Provides a simple way to integrate Slingshot's ERP software with your existing business systems

The eTools Advantage - Full Control Over Your ERP Software

eTools is the key that unlocks your control of Slingshot’s enterprise resource planning software suite. The eTools workbench allows you to quickly deploy ERP software and reduce ongoing maintenance costs. eTools can also be used in a non-Slingshot environment to extend your existing software applications by quickly creating and deploying ERP software solutions and add-on modules.

Slingshot’s enterprise control suite is neither a package solution nor an “out of the box” product: it brings the best of both worlds within your reach.

Take Control with eTools, extending your ERP software yourself, changing functionality with market conditions (or regulations) and satisfying senior management's unquencheable thirst for accurate information.