Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

Software Support - The Way You Want IT

Slingshot’s support options are designed to be flexible and responsive to your needs. Staged into a series of levels, you are able to choose that level of support that best suits the needs of your business.

  • Silver: Required for all licensed products, Silver support entitles you to software updates and support for the standard applications.
  • Gold: Gold Support adds (to the above) upgrades of all infrastructure components, meaning that your version of the eTools workbench will always be current.
  • Platinum: Additional to the Gold and Silver levels, Platinum Support also provides support for your “customized” functionality with an Assigned Support Representative (ASR).
  • Guaranteed Upgrade Service (GUS): Customers signing up for GUS will receive an upgrade every other major release (maximum of every two years).

Each level of support can optionally include 24 X 7 coverage as needed.

Online Internet Support

Throughout your ownership of Slingshot ERP software modules, you will be provided you with access to our Software Support Request (SSR) system, enabling you to:

  • Enter problems, questions or enhancement requests and,
  • Monitor the progress, status and costs of your project
  • Run a variety of reports for your internal management or your own information