Sales Order Management

Sales Order Management

Application Summary

Slingshot's sales order management software integrates with your existing systems, or with the remainder of our enterprise resource planning suite. It is developed using eTools, a rapid application development toolkit that can deliver to you a tailored system for the price (and risk) of an off-the-shelf product.

The Sales Order Management System datasheet provides more detailed information and will give you a sense for the structure, functionality and shared power of our products.

Know Your Customer and Their Preferences

Slingshot’s sales order management software provides you with a level of flexibility that allows you to record and address each customer’s specific preferences. This enables you to treat them as if they were your only customer. The features that provide you with this control include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Role based security lets you configure the experience of every single user, defining functional and data restrictions as needed
  • User defined order types determine the approval and order entry processing path of all sales orders automatically
  • Determine a product’s future availability instantly with “Available To Promise” logic (based on scheduled purchase order receipts and future sales order demand)
  • Multiple line types (per order entry) enable you to receive/ship against the same order and enter credit/debit adjustments per line item
  • A hierarchical product catalogue with pictures, unlimited descriptors and rich search functionality help your CRM team pinpoint products quickly
  • Support for a wide variety of pricing schemes provides the ability to tailor a better customer experience through intelligent promotion design across all of your sales channels
  • Billing and credit checking for the customer are both automatic and configurable
  • Substitute or sell off superseded items in an instant
  • Electronic order entry and transmittal of status documentation for each order to the customer every step of the way
  • Integrated demand tracking allows you to understand your demand patterns - scrutinize by period, promotion, season, product and market.
  • Manage cross channel promotions and cross channel marketing efforts.

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Download the Sales Order Management Software Datasheet (PDF).