Pulp and Paper

Slingshot has over two decades of experience addressing the integrated supply chain technology and order management needs of organizations in Pulp, Paper and other industries.

The Pulp and Paper industry faces growing competition, increasing prices of raw materials used for production, and shifting demand schedules. Slingshot gives you total control over the supply chain, helping you optimize efficiencies.

With Slingshot, you can quickly mold the system to your unique requirements, allowing you to maintain and grow your competitive advantages and empowering you to react to changing market conditions faster than your competition. Our enterprise business suite has been designed for rapid implementation, allowing you to improve your supply chain efficiencies and enhance your customer relationships.

In addition to Slingshot’s core supply chain planning and manufacturing functionality, our enterprise business suite addresses many other issues that are important to the Pulp and Paper industry including:

  • Lot Control
  • Lot Characteristics (dirt count, brightness etc.)
  • Pulp Pricing (air-dry percent price adjustment)
  • Basis Weight Unit Conversion (tons to sheets to rolls)
  • Roll Number Tracking
  • Roll Characteristics (length, diameter, caliper)
  • Web Collaboration (Customer Acknowledgement, Mill Order, Advanced Shipment Notice, Manifests, Invoice, etc.)
  • Support For Swaps and Exchange Contracts
  • Consignment Inventories
  • Matrix Pricing
  • Lockbox Cash Management
  • Escheat Processing
  • Unauthorized Receipt Tracking
  • Short Pay and Short Pick
  • Random Binning
  • Location Slotting
  • Inventory Pooling
  • Pick Lane Balancing
  • Distribution Costing (mill net cost)
  • Netback Costing (netback to plant)
  • Shipment Tracing (revised ETA)
  • Multi-modal Shipments (Rail and Truck)
  • Demurrage and Detention Charges
  • Shipment Diversions
  • Multi-National Capabilities (multi-currency, multi-lingual, date formats)
  • Import / Export Costing (landed cost analysis)
  • Import / Export Shipment Tracing
  • Contract Pricing, Consolidated Billing