Inventory and Warehouse Management

Application Summary

Inventory and Warehouse Management

Slingshot's Inventory and Warehouse Management system provides the functionality to efficiently manage and monitor your inventory for all types of products in all types of facilities.

Support is provided for both serialized and lot controlled items. Inventory descriptors can be added to these items (e.g. potency %, QA result). The descriptors themselves are user defined by type of product.

Processing needs often vary by facility. In a small stock room it may be efficient to store products in one or more fixed locations and confirm transactions from paper based lists. In large warehouses, flexible stock locators, system directed tasks and radio frequency capabilities are often essential.

Our warehousing software allows you to manage inventory control and optimize efficiency by defining operational requirements at the facility level. This includes rules for inbound (receive, inspect and put away), outbound (pick, pack, ship) and in-warehouse (count, location replenishment) processes.

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Download the Inventory and Warehouse Management Software Datasheet (PDF).