Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable

Application Summary

Slingshot's Accounts Receivable software efficiently helps you manage credit, know your cash position, and deploy any number of collections tools to stay on top of debtor processing.

Slingshot's Accounts Receivable (AR) system features automated on-line dispatch of invoices (on-ship of goods), which eliminates cash latency.  Your accounting department will know where your money is and will be able to get it in quickly – really quickly.

Other Accounts Receivable management features:

  • Increase efficiency with the electronic cash application (Auto-Cash) functionality ; now they can deal with exceptions only, not the total list of cash receipts.
  • Speed processing with our automatice collector action.
  • Real time credit statistics to support your decision making.
  • Supplier payment statistics quickly reveal trouble spots. A quick look at average days to pay versus due date can tell you important information about each supplier. (This works for customers too by the way!).
  • Automated on-line dispatch of invoices (on-ship of goods) eliminates cash latency.
  • Automatically generate billing documents from sales order and sales order shipments.
  • Consolidate multiple shipments into a single invoice.
  • Payments and application records are created automatically.

Learn More

To learn more about how you can streamline your accounts receivable process, download the Accounts Receivable Software Datasheet (PDF).