Systems Integration


eCity Connect provides a flexible framework for integrating applications with eCity. The framework can be used to deliver standard eCity APIs connecting eCity with legacy applications using “off the shelf” facilities, or it can be molded using eTools to address your customized requirements supporting the most current technologies. Web services can easily be deployed using eCity Connect. SOA and XML communications are readily supported.

Standard eCity APIs in eCity Connect provide “off the shelf” facilities for integrating your legacy applications with eCity applications. A suite of standard interfaces is provided that utilize eCity Connect data maps. These standard interfaces support both master table information and transactional information. They can be used for one-time data conversion at implementation, or on an on-going basis after implementation for on-going integration with your existing legacy applications.

Slingshot developers can provide interfaces with legacy systems, support for inter-application transactions, EDI transactions and web services addressing your specific requirements. These facilities require data mapping in the eCity Connect module. Incoming transactions are received by eCity Connect and immediately validated and logged. A common message structure is used to communicate errors to the sender. Processing options allow errors to be corrected in place or, require the corrected information to be resent. Valid transactions are automatically uploaded into eCity. Information exported from eCity is also passed through eCity Connect. The records are updated when “picked up” by the legacy application or the EDI transport software, or processed by the web service.

Crystal Reports Built In

Business Objects Crystal Reports is fully integrated with eCity. Reports, documents and financial statements are all formatted using Crystal Reports. Financial statements are built by financial managers using eCity forms, and do not require any knowledge of Crystal Reports. Standard reports, documents and financial statements are provided, and you can design your own and add them to eCity! Leverage the existing knowledge base for reporting using the most popular report writer available today.