Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain Planning

Next Generation Supply Chain Planning

Slingshot Software’s supply chain planning system gives you unparalleled control over your supply chain. Continuously synchronize your supply chain by observing the capabilities of your trading partners via the Internet. By enabling this level of information sharing, your supply chain will always be optimized.

Slingshot's forecasting module uses 6 algorithms as standard - plus others you wish to define - to accurately define demand and support preparation of your forecasts.

High level features of Slingshot's Supply Chain Management and Forecasting include:

  • Weekly or monthly forecasts
  • Separate forecasts for key customers
  • Capture “true” demand
  • Track promotional demand
  • Drill back to order lines
  • Flag “extraordinary” demand
  • Easily understood “focus forecasting” technique
  • Automatic model selection (best fit)
  • Manual model selection
  • Override system forecast
  • Forecast review and approval process
  • Forecast consumption logic

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Download the Supply Chain Planning Software Datasheet (PDF).