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White Papers


At Slingshot Software, we have had over thirty years experience partnering with such companies as Apple Computer, Exxon Mobil, CNA Surety and General Electric to help them realize significant business objectives through the successful launch of new ERP and accounting solutions carefully designed to meet their exacting needs.

We encourage you to read our white paper, for valuable information about how you can improve your software implementation process.

Featured White Paper

5 SecretsSlingshot's 5 Simple Secrets for New Software Success

Break through current business barriers with the successful implementation of Accounting or ERP software that truly meets your unique business needs.

Successfully implementing the right software can give your company the ability to


  • Streamline internal business processes
  • Elevate productivity to its highest levels
  • Wow customers with personal service
  • Outshine the competition
  • Send profits skyrocketing




....and, reduce the cost of new software implementation.

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Punch Out StrategySlingshot Software's Punch-Out Strategy

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, many organizations are re-examining their spend management practices to positively influence their bottom line. Key to this approach is identifying opportunities to control how goods and services are procured.

The ability for a system user to “Punch-Out” presents a number of advantages:


  • Elimination of "maverick" buys
  • Improved spend control
  • Sourcing time reduction
  • Greater system intuity, functionality and ease of use




Punch-Out functionality improves efficiency, increases system usability and adoption, drives purchases to existing contracts and ultimately saves money.

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