Free Business Process Evaluation

No obligation. Just a critical examination of your complex business processes.

Over the years, we’ve helped many mid to large sized enterprises across a variety of industry verticals streamline their complex business processes and produce bottom line results. For many of these companies, we helped uncover efficiencies that weren't even on their radar.

Need a set of experienced eyes to examine your complex processes? Bring us your most ‘squirrely’ problem and we'll conduct a free business process evaluation for you. There’s no obligation, because whether or not you buy software from us, we want to give you a fresh perspective aimed at improving your business.

What You Can Expect

We'll start with a discovery conversation, where we'll get an idea of your business process challenges and critical areas of need. Next, we'll review and analyze the current processes in place at your company and provide our insight into how you might improve these fundamental processes.

The evaluation can be as thorough as you like, but typically lasts for less than an hour.

The Benefits of Our Free Evaluation

  • We'll give you valuable insights into the processes that drive your business.
  • You'll get actionable plans that can shape future process improvements.
  • There's no obligation -- our analysis is completely free.

A Little About Us

Slingshot's Web-based enterprise business software solutions have helped hundreds of enterprises achieve new levels of growth. Our flexible, Web-based applications are built to solve your complex operational and financial challenges, without the cumbersome and expensive customization you'll need from the other guys. Our software can adapt to your complex and unique requirements – without custom programming.

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