Fixed Asset Management

Asset AccoutingApplication Summary

Slingshot Software’s Fixed Asset Management application streamlines the complex process of managing and accounting for enterprise assets, giving you complete visibility into your asset infrastructure and ensuring that your depreciation schedules are up to date.

Slingshot’s Fixed Asset Management is a comprehensive solution that provides enterprise asset management, fixed asset accounting and integrated reporting capabilities to mid to large size organizations across numerous industries. Slingshot’s flexible and powerful Fixed Asset Management application supports your unique and complex business processes, greatly reduces the time spent on data entry and maintenance, and allows you to effectively and efficiently manage your assets without generating unnecessary overhead.

Take Control of the Entire Asset Lifecycle

Slingshot’s Fixed Asset Management solution gives you complete visibility into the entire asset lifecycle, from its original procurement, to deployment and servicing, and through to the asset’s obsolescence and eventual disposal. Throughout the process, Slingshot gives you multiple views into your underlying asset infrastructure, allowing you to generate and analyse accurate data. Slingshot’s Fixed Asset solution also offers flexible fixed asset accounting, depreciation and reporting, allowing you to take control of the entire asset lifecycle.

Easily Record New Assets and Track Existing Assets

There are multiple ways to record a new asset in Slingshot’s Fixed Asset Management application, including workflows for recording new assets, configurable by asset type.

Slingshot’s asset management solution has thorough physical asset identification and tracking capabilities, so locating and deploying assets throughout the enterprise is simple and efficient. Slingshot also makes reconfiguration of assets flexible and efficient by allowing you to explode physical assets into components and group multiple physical assets into "asset containers".

Fixed Assets tracks shrinkage and confirms the accuracy of location and other information by allowing you to perform periodic audits by location or custodian. Discrepancies are highlighted and when the audit is posted, workflows are created to disposition missing or damaged assets.

Comprehensive Fixed Asset Accounting

In addition to its physical asset tracking and control facilities, Slingshot’s Fixed Asset Management application provides comprehensive accounting facilities, offering flexible capitalization of material, services, overhead, freight, tax and other costs. Slingshot's Fixed Asset Management application offers numerous built-in depreciation methods including:

  • Straight-Line
  • Modified Straight-Line
  • Units of Use
  • Sum-of-the-Years-Digits
  • Double Declining Balance

Depreciation schedules can also be user defined providing the utmost flexibility and control.

Learn More

To learn more, please download Slingshot's Fixed Asset Management datasheet (PDF).