Slingshot Software Products

Slingshot's ERP Software: One-by-One

The features and benefits of Slingshot's Enterprise Business Suite:

  • Sales Order Management: Portal access to customers and suppliers enables the production of real time reporting and transparency of all transactions.
  • Requisition Management: Given it’s use of tried and true internet purchasing conventions, with little introduction users can brows visual product catalogs, knowing that all inventory levels are current and real time. All purchases are secure and subject to configurable approval levels.
  • Purchase Order Management: Rapid entry and execution are key features of Buy. In terms of order complexity, we’ve aimed to reduce, re-use and recycle wherever possible.
  • Supply Chain Planning & Forecasting: Plan’s real time visual depiction of your demand forecast is they key to this product’s power. Plan provides you with an accurate picture of your current supply/demand position, allowing continual assessment of production status.
  • Inventory & Warehouse Management: Know what’s where, when it was placed there and when it needs to be moved. With Stock, the task of warehouse management is made easy.
  • Accounts Receivable: Simplify all accounts receivable processing, reduce creditors and put a smile back on the face of your A/R Manager.
  • Accounts Payable: Improve your reputation with suppliers and get a real time handle on cash flow.
  • General Ledger: The eCity Ledger application speeds the process of preparing and presenting accurate financial information.
  • Fixed Asset Management: Slingshot’s Fixed Asset Management is a flexible and powerful solution that provides enterprise asset management and comprehensive fixed asset accounting.

Combined, Slingshot's ERP software enables integration of your business operations with those of your suppliers and trading partners, resulting in efficiency of process, greater growth potential for your business and ultimately, greater profitability.