About Slingshot

About Slingshot

Company Mission

Our mission:

  • Our mission is to facilitate your unique business processes with an integrated suite of web-based, enterprise applications that can be adapted without programming.

Slingshot has been an innovative leader in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software industry for over thirty years. During this time, we’ve invented and re-invented our products as technology shifted over the years. Initially, there were mainframe computers, and then there was a shift to client-server architectures. Now , Slingshot utilizes the Internet because of its accessibility and capability to enable online collaboration.

Company Strategy

Our strategy is to provide:

  • A suite of enterprise control applications that can be extended, by you, without programming
  • Applications distributed over the internet, protecting you against technical obsolescence and enabling full collaboration with your trading partners
  • An Upgrade Assist facility that allows you to preserve your custom changes during version upgrades
  • A lower cost and lower risk option that provides all the functions, security and compliance factors that you will no doubt be considering during your purchase.

eTools is the workbench that enables us to implement the strategy outlined above. It is our own proprietary tool that enables the rapid development and deployment of high quality, auto generated code.

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