Telecom and Utilities

Telecom and Utilities

Slingshot has over two decades of experience addressing the materials management, and control needs of organizations in Telecommunications, Utilities and other industries.

The Telecom Industry and Utilities companies face the challenge of stiff competition between suppliers, short gaps between new product introductions and old product obsolescence, as well as continually shifting demand. With Slingshot, you can quickly mold the system to your unique requirements, allowing you to maintain and grow your competitive advantages and empowering you to react to changing market conditions faster than your competition.

Our enterprise business suite has been designed for rapid implementation, allowing you to improve your supply chain efficiencies and enhance your customer relationships.

In addition to Slingshot’s core supply chain planning and manufacturing functionality, our enterprise business suite addresses many other issues that are important to the Telecommunications and Utilities industry including:

  • Facilities Maintenance and Support Inventories
  • Service Deport Support
  • Mobile Service Technicians
  • Segregation of Repair Inventories
  • Reverse Logistics (disassembly, scavenging)
  • New and Used Inventory Costing
  • Material Requisitions
  • Job Estimation and Costing
  • Preventive Maintenance Work Orders
  • Internet Wireless Data Access and Bar Code Scanning (WAP)
  • Internet Data Interchange (Issue Ticket, Packing Slip etc.)
  • Product Configuration / Validation (options and variants)
  • Serial Number and Warranty Tracking
  • ECN Number Tracking
  • Installed Equipment Database Tracking
  • Real Time Supply Chain Planning
  • Contract Pricing, Consolidated Billing
  • Recurring Billing (support and maintenance)
  • Matrix Pricing
  • Lockbox Cash Management
  • Escheat Processing
  • Unauthorized Receipt Tracking
  • Quality Assurance and Inbound Inspection
  • Returns and Repairs