Slingshot's applications empower our customers to easily personalize their business systems, allowing them to accelerate their growth, achieve operational efficiencies and increase profits.

Yours is a complex industry, and Slingshot Software specializes in inventory control systems that are designed with the flexibility to handle the unique requirements of your business.

For more information about how Slingshot can solve your complex inventory control and compliance challenges, view our on-demand webinar, Automating SOPs, Compliance, and Being Audit Ready is Easier Than You Think.


View WebinarAutomating SOPs, Compliance, and Being Audit Ready is Easier Than You Think

You will benefit from Slingshot's Inventory and Lot control system compliance Webinar if you are:

  • An operational VP or Director with compliance, process control and business system efficiency accountabilities.
  • A technical VP or Director whose single minded focus is a better inventory and lot control system.

The Webinar covers how to:

  • Support and maintain your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) using modern technology
  • Achieve and maintain a state of control and audit readiness
  • Significantly reduce system maintenance effort and resources
  • Use technology to turn compliance into competitive advantage

This Webinar is a "must see" if your current systems are not enabling your compliance, growth and profitability by supporting your Standard Operating Procedures.

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