Requisition Management

Requisition Management

Application Summary - Request

Slingshot's requisition management software enables the automated collection, approval and fulfillment of requisitions. Through online collaboration, Slingshot's requisitioning system starts the process that your purchasing team (ideally powered by Slingshot's Purchase Order Management application) will finish, knowing that they're dealing with an approved and aggregated requisition for goods or services.

The Requisition Management datasheet provides more detailed information and will give you a sense for the structure, functionality and shared power of our products.

No Training Required

Most importantly, your employees can begin entering requisitions with little or no training. Self service requests are created by using a familiar internet convention - the "shopping cart". This is done by browsing catalogs, ordering from a shopping list or by copying an earlier request. One-time product purchases, kits and kit components can be both purchased and inventoried items.

Requisitioning in Real Time

Online integration between requestor, purchasor and supplier mean that all requisitions are efficiently expedited, and can be reported on in real time. Any employee can enter, review and update open requisitions from any internet browser. Automated e-mail notifications keep everyone informed of approvals and when the goods have been issued from stock. The supplier and promised delivery date can also be viewed for each item.

Automated - Right Down to the General Ledger

General ledger accounts are derived automatically based on your employee’s position within the organization and the types of products selected. You can also establish budgets and limit requests to remaining budget amounts.

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