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Our Technology

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Go Ahead and Change It

What is ERP software other than something that should make your life easier? Much easier.

All Slingshot products are developed (by us) using eTools, our rapid software development tool. Put simply, when you buy a Slingshot product, you too can lift up the hood of your ERP software, with a view to making it do pretty much anything you want.

Here's the dot point list that you can give to your decision making committee:

Benefits of the Slingshot Approach to ERP Software Ownership:

  • Extend your ERP software, without programming
  • Lower your costs and risks by developing and deploying your ERP software quickly and with minimum disruption to your business
  • Speed the return on your investment in your new ERP software
  • Easily Preserve your unique ERP software functionality during base system upgrades
  • Quickly meet any new or changed regulatory/legal requirements (SOX, PCI, CFR Part 11 etc.)
  • Enjoy the functional power and fit of a tailored ERP system for the price of a packaged solution.

Features Standard in All of Our ERP Software:

  • Use the internet to collaborate with your trading partners and reporting authorities – provided they're on planet earth and have an internet connection
  • Multi currency and multi lingual options are built in to help integrate the processes and reporting for your global enterprise
  • Our user configurable dashboard supports alerts, favorite links, key performance indicator graphs, workflow tracking and a message board
  • DIY metric reporting with a fully integrated Crystal environment
  • Span of Control based security takes functional and data access to a whole new level.
  • Electronic workflow management streamlines security, approvals and audit of all transactions

Check out the Products tab to get a feel for our ERP software modules and what they can do for you, both individually or integrated.

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