A New Approach to ERP Software Ownership

Slingshot’s innovative approach to ERP software development, implementation and ownership will get you up and running quickly. When the implementation is complete you can expect to:

  • Administer and extend the functionality of your new ERP software yourself
  • Train new employees in the use of your new systems
  • Develop reports and other system outputs as your requirements emerge and change
  • Maintain and develop new system interfaces

...all without contracting for additional support services.

ERP Software Implementation

Slingshot offers you two approaches to the development and implementation to your new ERP software system - a Business Process Review (BPR) or a Conference Room Pilot (CRP). These two approaches are defined below:

  • Business Process Review: A BPR includes a full review of your existing business processes, a proposal of new processes and an examination of the development effort required to bridge the gap. This results in a blueprint for the functionality to be delivered as well as the time, resources and deliverables needed to make sure your project is a success.
  • Conference Room Pilot: Our CRP methodology is right for you if your business processes require only minimal (or no) alterations to the standard functionality of our ERP software modules.

Software Support Request System

Slingshot's Software Support Request (SSR) system is available to you on-line (24X7) so that you can review information including:

  • Project Status: Track project status, consumption of effort budgets and costs
  • Issue Tracking: Raise and monitor resolution of issues with your ERP software
  • Reports: Run a variety of (exportable) reports to assist with your own information requirements

Other Project Support Services

Throughout your project, you will also require a number of other support services. These include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Software Installation: We work with your team to determine pre-requisites and to install a production, test and training "sand-pit" instance of your system for ongoing use
  • Education and Training: We take a train the trainer approach to our education services. We can do it in-house or on-site and we offer industry specific examples/test data. Materials provided cover all ERP software modules ad well as eTools and Security and Administration.
  • Personalization Support: We can support you as much (full support package) or as little (mentoring) as you need.

For more detail, refer also to the Ongoing Support Services page. Alternatively, you can return to the main Services page.