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Slingshot is "Going Mobile" with Expense Capture

Slingshot has released a new smart phone application called “Mobile Expense Capture”.  The application is available, at no additional charge, to Slingshot customers who have licensed the Slingshot Payables application.

Mobile Expense Capture allows employees to record travel expenses on a smart phone.  The information captured includes the Expense Code (GL account), amount, date and a note.  The phone can be used to snap pictures of one or more receipts.  An upload button transfers the expense report to Slingshot Payables.  There the report is automatically routed to one or more approvers (using Slingshot Workflow) and becomes an open payable when approved.  There are several benefits:

Efficient – Employees save time.  No more tedious paperwork filling out expense reports.  The Payables staff also benefits.  No manual entry of employee expense reports.   

Timely – No waiting for paperwork to be forwarded through the channels.  The approval process begins as soon as the report is uploaded.

Control – Expenses are captured immediately (not days or weeks later).  Receipts are attached immediately as images (fewer lost receipts.)  

Mobile Expense Capture is the first of a number of mobile applications planned for Slingshot ERP customers as part of Slingshot’s “Going Mobile” initiative.  Mobile expense capture runs on Android based phones running the current “Ice Cream Sandwich” release.