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FrontierMEDEX Implements Slingshot Requisitioning & Inventory Management on Azure

DEDHAM, MA, May 14, 2012 - When our client, FrontierMEDEX, a company that provides medical safety and security solutions for their clients in every corner of the world, told us that their implementation would be a simple one, we embraced their vision of simplifying inventory management for their remote medical personnel around the world. 

 Of course, in the world of software, ‘simple’ often becomes complex, but in a joint effort driven by this vision, we have been able to achieve this goal.  
Our development produced a system suitable for use by medical professionals, without training or support, in remote, and often harsh and/or unstable settings.  Medical staff who might be working on ships, in the desert, or in the rainforest will record depletion of inventory, replenish their supplies, transfer products, and record receipts while delivering world class healthcare under challenging conditions.
FrontierMEDEX installed Slingshot’s inventory management (Stock) and electronic requisitioning (Request) applications.  With guidance from FrontierMEDEX process engineers, Slingshot removed extraneous functionality, streamlined forms, reduced keystrokes, and organized a system that will work for pressured and skilled specialists whose professional goals center around the medical welfare and safety of the people in their charge.  Menus are organized by “Role” presenting each user with the specific functions needed.  The work was completed rapidly, efficiently and without programming using Slingshot’s web development toolset.
FrontierMEDEX has chosen to run their Slingshot applications on the Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.  Security of data centers is uncertain in some geographic locations.  This highly flexible, scalable, available and secure approach promises to enhance client satisfaction, and support future growth.