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Slingshot Announces New Features for Pharmaceutical Companies

The following features will be available in release 10.1 scheduled for general availability in mid-May.

Label Formats by Unit of Measure

Slingshot now automatically generates labels for material received.  The label format is defined by unit of measure allowing for different labels for vials, tubs and pallets.  The receiving logic processes all receipt lines.  The material’s unit of measure determines labeling rules.  If the unit is labeled, one label is printed for each unit or container received. 

Automatic Label Printing When Material Changes

Slingshot provides a variety of standard label formats.  These formats can be easily and new formats provided using an available report writer.  A new form allows the user to select the information printed on the label.  This can include lot information (e.g. manufacturer’s lot #, lot date, retest date, expiration date); product information (e.g. description) and material status (e.g. Quarantine, Release, Rejected).  If a selected field changes (e.g. material is released) a new label is printed automatically.

Dispensing Material Wirelessly

Slingshot’s wireless scanning facilities have been enhanced to allow material in one bar code container to be dispensed to another (e.g. reserves or retains).  The user simply scans the label of the container material is being dispensed from and enters the quantity.  A new bar code # is assigned and a label is printed automatically.

Automatic Shelf-life Processing

A background process monitors material retest and expiration dates.  When the date is reached the status of the material is changed automatically (e.g. held for testing or rejected as expired).