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Slingshot Improves “Health Check” Monitoring Tools

Slingshot has announced a number of enhancements to its system monitoring tools.

Customers hosted on MS Azure will benefit from our Cloud Monitoring enhancements.   All of the system web endpoints are now monitored separately. The main endpoint health check now also verifies the database availability as well as the background services status. In addition, the Slingshot health monitoring suite also tracks the DB and File storage utilization to make sure the resources never reach their size quota.  The support team receives an email instantly when a fault is discovered in any of these areas.  This allows Slingshot to immediately investigate and resolve the issue, often, before it affects the end users.  These new features were installed earlier this year and are being utilized for hosted customers today.

Both SaaS and On-Premise customers are protected by the new Job Monitor Alert.  This alert regularly checks all background jobs reporting any that have failed recently as well as jobs that have been running for an extended time.  It also reports the jobs that have a scheduled run time in the past.  This indicates they were skipped by the job processor or experienced an unhandled error.  As with all alerts, a message describing the issue appears on our customer’s application administrator dashboard and/or is provided in a periodic email.  The Job Monitor alert is part of Release G2-17 scheduled for general availability in January of 2024.

According to Paul Carr, Slingshot’s CEO, “These new facilities add to our library of backup, recovery, reconciliation and other housekeeping tools allowing us to provide unmatched application availability and resilience.”

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