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Slingshot Innovates – One-click Document Approval by Email

Slingshot allows requisitions, purchase orders, supplier invoices, P-Card statements and expense reports to be approved on mobile devices, tablet computers or by eMail.  

eMail approvals have been enhanced allowing the user to approve or deny approval in the body of the eMail message without logging into Slingshot.  

The user views the document requiring approval and approves or denies approval with one click.

Click the green “Approve Request” button or click the blue “Deny Approval” button.  If the user denies approval a reason is required.  The document owner is notified automatically when the document is approved or approval denied.

The approver can also sign in and view all pending approvals (blue link).  This is useful if the number of open approval is greater than the number appearing in the approvers email inbox (e.g. the user may have accidentally deleted an email message).  Also, the approver can opt to receive alerts if documents have been awaiting approval for more than a day or two (user parameter).