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Advanced Budget Tracking Added to Slingshot’s Procurement Suite

Slingshot requisitioners, buyers and approvers can now view available funds for each request or purchase order line.

 This ensures that budget controls are respected at each point in the procurement process.  The improved visibility encourages users to moderate spend in early periods which helps promote a favorable variance at year end.

A red Over Budget label appears when a purchase would overspend the year to date budget.  


Click the label and the user is shown “Current month”, “Year-To-Date” and “Entire Year” totals as shown below.  Click on the totals to see the underlying budgets, purchase orders, requisitions or expenditures.  


New reports have also been added.  A summary report shows the above information grouped by Entity, Facility and Budget Category.  Grouping rules can be easily changed to meet the needs of your organization.  


These enhancements will be included in release G2-8.0 scheduled for availability in April of 2016.  For more information contact your Slingshot account representative at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.