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Slingshot Expands “PunchOut” Ordering Facilities

Procurement PunchOut” is the interaction between a vendor's web storefront and a buyer's procurement application.

Slingshot supports PunchOut when creating either requisitions or purchase orders.  

Click a link to access your supplier’s web site.  Shop on the site and check out.  The contents of your shopping cart are returned to Slingshot and added to the current requisition or purchase order.   Once approved, a purchase order is automatically transmitted to the supplier.  

A parameter now allows you to enforce a final buyer review of the PunchOut purchase order before it is transmitted. A second new feature allows you to modify the requisition or purchase order after initial PunchOut by linking back to the supplier’s web site and modifying the shopping cart.  Support is also now provided for multiple PunchOut suppliers on a single requisition. 

PunchOut ordering requires an agreement with your supplier.  The supplier also must support the processing of cXml documents.

For more information contact your Slingshot sales representative at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.