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Slingshot Announces “Touch” for Tablets

Slingshot’s mobile initiative continues with a new “touch friendly” user interface for its family of ERP applications.  Slingshot Touchtm is turned on by clicking a button on the application status bar.  Form elements are immediately optimized for tablet users.  Here are a few of the adjustments. 

  • Menu items and Drop down lists are taller
  • Toolbar icons are replaced with large buttons
  • Vertical swipe to conveniently scroll large lists
  • Auto-enlarge font when keyboard pops up

All Slingshot features are supported when using touch mode and work in a similar fashion, allowing users to easily switch between desktops and tablets with no training.

Slingshot Touchtm is supported on all iOS and Android based tablets (e.g. iPad, iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy, Kindle Fire).  The feature is scheduled for general availability in July as part of release G2-4.


Sample Purchase Order Entry form on a 10.1” iPad


Sample Dashboard on a 10.1” iPad


Sample Dashboard on an 8.4” Galaxy Tab