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Slingshot Adds “Bid Processing” to its “eBuy” Purchasing Module

Requisition lines can now be filled with a “Bid Solicitation”.  Bid solicitations include a list of required goods or services and are associated with a list of suppliers.  Click the “Send RFQ” button and a “Request for Quotation” order is created and eMailed to each supplier.   When responses are received prices and terms are recorded on the supplier’s “Request for Quotation” order. 

The buyer can evaluate responses and award bids or individual bid lines with a single mouse click.  Click the “Bid Complete” button and confirming purchase orders are created and forwarded to the selected suppliers. 
This simple process provides proof that your company’s bid requirement policies have been adhered to.  Auditors can view purchases and the associated quotes.  A reason code is recorded for each declined supplier quotation.  This history is valuable when considering suppliers for future solicitations.
The new Bid functionality provides a streamlined process for organizations who do not required the extensive capabilities of Slingshot’s strategic sourcing module (“eSource”).  For more information contact Slingshot at sales.slingshotsoftware.com.