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Slingshot Adds Support for Pre-Approved Travel Requests

Support for pre-approved Travel Requests has been added to Slingshot’s Travel Expense Management facility.  The Travel Request document includes the purpose of the trip, the approximate dates and a list of anticipated expenses.  The Travel Request is automatically routed to one or more approvers (assigned automatically).  The requestor receives eMail notification when the request is approved or, if approval is denied.  Requestors can view their Travel Requests by status in Slingshot’s Employee Portal (available 24x7).

The approved Travel Request document can be used for subsequent approval of one or more expense reports.  The user selects from a list of their open travel requests when entering an expense report.  The expense report is instantly approved provided its actual value is less than the balance on the Travel Request.  If the Expense Report exceeds this balance, it is automatically routed for approval.

Slingshot’s Travel Expense Management facility is included in Slingshot Requisitioning product (eRequest).  It allows expense reports to be filed on the go using any Android or IOS mobile phone.  Optional budget tracking, shows the available funds for each expense report line.  A browser interface allows users to track the status of each expense report.  Email notifications are received when the expense report is approved and paid.  Extensive reporting provides facilities for control and analysis of corporate travel spend.

Support for Travel Requests is included in release G2-9.3.  For more information contact Slingshot sales representative at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.