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Slingshot Innovates – Field Level Auditing

Slingshot now allows customers to tag any field on any record as “audited”.  Once tagged, the applications automatically record the activity responsible for the change, before and after image of the field, the user who changed it and the date and time of the change. 

This facility is especially valuable for pharmaceutical manufacturers and other regulated industries that require a complete and permanent audit trail covering all data changes.  The audit trail can be viewed by user, date, transaction, record or field.  Simple to use forms allow you to browse the information using any combination of these items.  For example, who changed the standard cost field on the product record yesterday?  When did a certain supplier’s phone number change, who changed it, and what did it used to be?  The possibilities virtually endless. 

Field level auditing will be provided in release G2-9 of all Slingshot applications.  This release is scheduled for general availability in December of this year.  For more information contact your Slingshot sales representative at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..